Blodwen Street – Construction Starts

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Blodwen Street – Construction Starts

Blodwen St construction startsSorry there has been a problem with your feed. Working in with our great builder and in line with our new strategy, we have started construction for the renovation on Blodwen Street this week, and as you can see from the photos below, we are painting the bedrooms upstairs.

Unfortunately, we discovered a mould issue coming up on the ground floor, so we had to rip up the existing floorboards to deal with it, revealing the previous damp proofing job that was very poorly done.

We have also ripped out the old kitchen and the floors in the kitchen and rear bathroom, and are now ready for the new kitchen to be installed.  The job estimated time was 2 weeks, however, the builder only has 1 of his guys available, so might take a bit longer than expected.

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