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An evolution of JC Holdings, Middle Park Projects is a project management and sourcing company for commercial conversions.

Mainly serving our own projects, we work with our investors on medium sized developments of up to £5M. We have over 15 years experience in property, with over 3 years in project management and development, from finding and analysing a great deal to project managing the build to get the property on the market.

We are a great team and couple who bring extensive experience in operations, property, finance and law to a business, be it in property or another field.

This website is an invitation to the public, followers and investors to track our projects via a blog.  You can request a login, and  as a follower, get updates and more information. Our joint venture partner investors see even more information relating to a project, especially on reporting entries.

Who we are

Craig Lambie

Craig Lambie

Craig Lambie
Finance and Project Management

Craig has had property in the blood from the first time he was taught to sweep up after the contractors on a job at around 8 years old by his grandfather, a property developer, to his first property that has been profitable since its inception. He loves the property game and this adventure has brought out that passion even more than before. Craig brings an extensive background and experience in property and tenant management. With a keen interest in planning and property development through visions of the possibilities of a space, his observation skills and passion for efficiency, Craig enables this venture to thrive and run smoothly.  Having lived in multiple housing situations in different cities, he is best placed to understand the local culture of different tenant needs when it comes to renting and and the emotional purchaser needs when flipping properties.  With connections to the London finance world from past work experience, living experience and UK relationships, Craig will enable this venture to happen easily in the environment of opportunity that is the current United Kingdom.

  • Owns and self manages tenants for 3 rental properties, (4 leases)
  • Managed 2 renovation projects
  • Lived in the UK for 4 years
  • Lived in over 50 different properties
  • Lived in 3 countries, extended stay >10
  • Attended 150+ property auctions professionally
  • Has vision for adding value and basic sourcing abilities
    • Seen over 30 properties in the UK with potential
  • UK resident for banking purposes
  • Great credit rating in UK and Aust
  • Property development runs in the family
  • IT project management experience
  • Team management experience
  • Remote management experience


Jun Lam

Middle Park Projects Jun

Jun Lam

PR, Legal & Compliance

As a property and commercial lawyer in Australia for over 15 years and a property investor, she had her pulse on the property market in Melbourne throughout that time. Jun oversees the legal requirements and implications of the projects. The commercial terms of JV agreements, contracts and leases, negotiations and follow ups required for a project or deal are a matter of course for her, to ensure each deal is completed quickly and efficiently.  

Having bought and sold many properties herself, the understanding of the needs of an emotional buyer are clear and easy to understand, leading to great decisions on development projects that will bring higher returns on flips. She has negotiated and drafted agreements for clients on property deals up to $100m in her past life and now uses that knowledge for benefit of her own business and that of MPP’s partners. She brings a wealth of knowledge and security to the legal side of negotiations and planning.

  • Australian Solicitor skilled in:
    • Property law
    • Commercial and Corporate law
    • Client and practice management
  • Lived in 3 countries
  • Bought, sold and leased over 20 commercial and residential properties