The Bank Job

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commercial conversion


This beautiful 100 year old building, previously a RBS branch, was acquired in August 2019. The upper levels have been convertedto a 6-bed HMO on each level, with a total of 12 rooms, with the build completed in July 2020, despite COVID delays.
The ground floor remains commercial and we are just starting works to turn it into a multiple occupant commercial space. We currently have two Heads of Terms signed with a café and a co-working operator.

Room at the Bank Job HMO
The Bank Space co-work CGI

The Bank Space – co work

With retail totally doomed from COVID-19 we have take on renovating and building a co working space in the commercial space of the building.

Through smart tech we can serve the new needs of the “work from home” – but not all the time, generation of post COVID. The shift to more rural locations means and the accessibility of Newcastle Under Lyme mean it makes a great spot to work from.

Enter – The Bank Space.