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Deal Analysis

As an experienced property developer, and an ex-banker, Craig is a wizard with Excel and knows where to put what numbers.

Converting that to succinct information to then put into an investor pack to get investment is also super helpful.

£150 p/hr


Having been working in property full time since early 2017 and done many projects we have many investors across the world. We are happy to introduce deals and investors to each other in a friendly manner. 


Planning Advice for Commercial Conversions

As an experienced commercial conversion developer we can help you figure out the best way to divide up your commercial building. With intimate knowledge of the Town and Country planning act, and precedents for different options we have investigated across the board.


Coaching and Consulting

If you just want some help or a more experienced ear to bounce an idea off, then give Craig a call to talk it through. Always happy to help.

No fee – maybe a coffee/ lunch