How to read the blog

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We wanted to let you know the best way to navigate around the blog, especially as our post numbers start to balloon out a little bit.


We have organised the posts into two main categories: Business and Lifestyle.

In Business we write about property, new business opportunities that we come across (whether in the UK or elsewhere), including tech start up.

We share details with the public, but more in-depth information with people we know and trust (a manual approval process) and even more details with our joint venture partners.

In Lifestyle – Although we started this off as a business or property blog, we thought that sharing the personal side of what we have done as a family in this adventure might add a different element to the story. This section is quite new as of writing (Jan 2018) – we will start to write more entries very soon, and include topics like a move towards a healthier and more knowledgeable future for ourselves in food & diet, learning something new every day, homeschooling and pet sitting as a travelling tool and coffee!


We then divide them further using tags to associate different projects eg Walter Rd or if you want to search by area eg Swansea.

Our investors know they can search for their investor group using that tag ie. invest 1 or the subcategory ie. invested 1.

The Tag cloud –

(all the tags we use, the bigger it is, the more frequently used)