Viewing 3D/180 or 360 Video footage

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We purchased this 3D/ 360 camera recently and now do all of our building walk through’s with it – as you can look around and see everything – if you missed something, you can see it.

This was a life saver when I had driven 4 hours to see a building, then back again and had to check on the Smoke Detectors later on. Boom! Saved 1/4 of the cost in one hit.


How to watch view a 3D/360 video



To view a video in 3D/360 it is best/ easiest to open the Youtube app on your mobile device. iPhone / iOS is supposed to support this, but if it doesn’t – ask an Apple Genuis for some help (sorry)

Once you have the video open in Youtube, you should see the below symbol/icon in the corner. 

If you have a VR Headset

  1. Pause the video
    1. consider changing the speed of the player to slower
  2. Click the icon
  3. Put your phone into the headset
  4. Then click play and put the headset on
  5. Turn your head as your are taken through the space to see everything

If you don’t have a VR Headset 

  1. Consider asking us to send you a VR headset for next time. (We have some cardboard for investors to use)
  2. Press play 
  3. Move the phone around you to see what was recorded

On a desktop/ laptop PC

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of your browser (ie. Chrome/ Safari/ Firefox)
  2. Open the video in full screen mode
  3. Use the mouse to “move” the view around