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Pet sitting, how to live rent free for a year

While focusing on building our property empire 😉 this year, we have lived mostly rent free, and travelled around the UK checking out different areas for their potential as an investment hot spot, or just to have a look. How have we done this? By looking after people’s homes and pets using a website called Trusted House Sitters.  In between house sits, we have leaned on our very generous and helpful friends and family (THANK YOU!) and of course our favourite YHA in Cardiff. We have met some great people along the way who have invited us to stay longer than they are away and others who have invited us to come back just for a visit if we were in the area and needed a place to stay.  It is not a stable lifestyle. We have sometimes moved every 3-4 days, so we rarely accept sits shorter than that…

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Gwendoline St with "finding a builder" written on it

Today we met with 2 builders on site to get some quotes and ideas about the development. Walking around the property with the builders, we discovered the ease in which this property could be turned into a HMO at a relatively low cost as many walls are brick, and therefore the fire exit is protected.  The biggest issue may be the window escape routes. We will have to check with building control if it is necessary to change all the windows which are UPVC already, but not fire exit standard. Bad news was this little beauty we found growing out of 3 spots, 2 downstairs and 1 upstairs. One of the builders said “this is not good, fix it straight away” and another said “no urgency” so we are seeking another opinion.  Our research took us to a couple of places, including a DIY treatment site suggested the best way…

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Swansea SA5 area map from google maps

The Swansea area has a lot going for it, and the SA5 district is a historically great area, with medium to high prices (comparing with other South Wales areas) and is quite a sought after area based on demand and the below area ratings on Zoopla. The locals tend to own their own homes with or without a mortgage, which means it will likely be a great flip for a 2nd home buyer looking for a slightly upper market property as per the area. There is a good balance of self-employed, managers and professionals in the area to indicate a good demand for a higher quality property that is more easily affordable to these types of individuals. The family types in this area are higher in pensioners, DINKs and then families.  This indicates that a 2-3 bedroom property will suit most of the existing market maybe a 4 bed if…

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Port Talbot Google map screen shot

We have a property in Port Talbot to access, this is an unfamiliar area, so here is my full area analysis. Port Talbot has varying neighbourhoods from low end to high end.  It is about 15 minutes from Swansea, with a fairly large population. The following are some area stats from my favourite source, Zoopla: Area average price: £82,747 (terraced) The area has a lower than average crime rate, possibly due to the large employer in town being the steel works. There are a lot of single individuals and single parent families in the area, so the HMO strategy should work well here.  Blodwen Street will not be as easy to sell due to the lower numbers of first time home buying families, whom we will target, but there is a market for it. The area is typical of a large, low skill or medium skill level employer (the steel works)…

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