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Walter Rd – Nearing end of Construction

The project is starting to really take shape as we reach the end of construction phase and move into the next stages of finding tenants and refinancing.

Blodwen Street – New Agent

Agent didn’t live up to their promise, so we are getting a new agent at the end of the short leash we gave the old agent. Strategy and Update.

Swansea Road – Planning appeal sought from Welsh Gov

After a bit of chasing, the planning consultant has sent off the appeal to the Welsh government to determine if the proposal aligns with the national strategy.We have submitted another planning application.

Blodwen Street – Construction Ends – On the Market

We have finished construction of our first flip project and it is now on the market. We have selected an agent, and it is now listed on Zoopla.

Swansea Road – Planning application 1 rejected

Found out we missed out on the 2 semi’s planning application today. Council thinks us a little ambitious in over use of the land.

Blodwen Street – Ordering a Bathroom

Choosing the right bathroom materials is always fun and interesting, especially for the different needs that you have for a property, the likely end user.

Blodwen Street – Choosing a Kitchen

Our search for a kitchen supplier and also the way we work with materials has found a home with LNPG and Magnet Trade that we will work with for all future

Blodwen Street – Construction Starts

Join us on our journey as we start the renovation and construction of Blodwen Street. The aim is to do a quick reno then rent or flip it on.

Swansea Road – Planning Application 1 – a pair of Semi’s

The planning consultant and architect have come up with a design for a pair of semi detached homes for the plot of land next to the property.

Gwendoline Street – Construction Starts

Started construction on Gwendonline Street, some interesting issues raised like damp and dry rot, we knew – but the treatment is hectic.