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Credit Score is so important

In the property business, our credit score is super important. So as a foreigner, when I first arrived I had zero credit score. I have worked very hard to improve my score by strategically taking out the right amount of credit, and repaying it correctly.

End of Take Aim Mentorship Programme

A summary of the 12 months of mentorship we received from the Glenn Delve Take Aim program. It was an amazing experience overall, highly recommended

Rent free for a year

[featured-img]While focusing on building our property empire 😉 this year, we have lived mostly rent free, and travelled around the UK checking out different areas for their potential as an investment hot spot, or just to have a look. How have we done this? By looking after people’s homes and pets using a website called…
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Time Restricted Eating (TRE)

[featured-img]We have started a new regime of time restricted eating (TRE) that is like intermittent fasting (IF) but focuses more on the eating window, instead of the fasting window.  The studies from the Salk Institute by Dr Satchin Panda are quite interesting, mainly focused on mice. The basic premise is based on our natural circadian…
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Happy Festive Season and holidays from us!

[featured-img]The festive season is always a time to relax and revive, stay away from emails and read some books, reflect and review on the year past and the year ahead. We want to take this opportunity to wish you a fantastic holiday season from our family to yours, and share some of our reflections on…
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