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Blodwen Street property with Kitchen written on it

Our search for a kitchen supplier and also the way we work with materials has found a home with LNPG and Magnet Trade that we will work with for all future

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Wow. Today we spent most of the day dealing with a Chinese Visa application. The cost of travelling as a family, with 3 different surnames and not having all your paperwork on hand. It would have helped if the documents required page had of listed all the documents that you actually do require…. eg if you have a minor, you need their birth certificate. So that was the first problem, as we are travelling we didn’t have that, and we didn’t plan on being China when we left Oz. Went off, with some major problem solving to do in 35d heat plus high humidity. We worked out over some lunch that Ethan’s school might have a copy, and luckily we were right. We then headed back to the visa office, and submitted all the paperwork, and all seemed in order, with instructions to come back the next day to collect.…

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