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Swansea Rd Photo text: decision to invest

We had a flip appear today, and taking a look at it, it was almost an immediate yes before doing the numbers as the opportunity to add value was immense by doing some land development style title splitting, subject to planning of course. The basic numbers: Purchase: £80,000 Costs: £5,000 Refurb: £20,0000 Total Spend: £105,000 Walk score: 40 Car-Dependent This is a semi-detached house in a very car dependant area, so this doesn’t fit the Kevin Green criteria of near town centre as such. We typically wouldn’t go with a property with a walk score under 60 or even 70, however this one has land development potential as a bonus. As it stands, even without this potential development, the numbers work well, but it will be a fantastic one if we get the planning approval for the development.  A few road humps stand in the way, like the telegraph lines…

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Swansea SA5 area map from google maps

The Swansea area has a lot going for it, and the SA5 district is a historically great area, with medium to high prices (comparing with other South Wales areas) and is quite a sought after area based on demand and the below area ratings on Zoopla. The locals tend to own their own homes with or without a mortgage, which means it will likely be a great flip for a 2nd home buyer looking for a slightly upper market property as per the area. There is a good balance of self-employed, managers and professionals in the area to indicate a good demand for a higher quality property that is more easily affordable to these types of individuals. The family types in this area are higher in pensioners, DINKs and then families.  This indicates that a 2-3 bedroom property will suit most of the existing market maybe a 4 bed if…

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