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Swansea Road – Planning application 1 rejected

Found out we missed out on the 2 semi’s planning application today. Council thinks us a little ambitious in over use of the land.

Swansea Road – Planning Application 1 – a pair of Semi’s

The planning consultant and architect have come up with a design for a pair of semi detached homes for the plot of land next to the property.

Swansea Road – Planning – Extension

The planning application for the extension has been submitted. The full application form and plans submitted can be found below for our investors who are following this project.

Swansea Road – Before

Here are some photos of the state in which we received the property before we started work on it. [s2If !is_user_logged_in()] Below here is some more info for people we know and trust.  Check out how to read it here. [/s2If] [s2If current_user_can(access_s2member_level1)] [/s2If]

Swansea Road – Completion

We received the completion* confirmation email from the solicitor today! This is the 3rd and finalproperty in this JV, and our 4th property completed so far. *For non-UK readers, completion here means we have paid the full purchase price and the Title will now be registered in our name. 

Welcoming a new Investor!

Bringing on a joint venture partner is a lot of work.  It is really rewarding and incredibly satisfying to build a new relationship with a relative stranger to the point of money exchanging hands.  The trust that you are taking on is a big responsibility, and we appreciate the trust that our investors have put…
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Swansea Road – Financing

[featured-img]We have managed to secure a ‘home loan’ finance product for this property. Given the strategy is to get planning, extend and flip on eventually, this financing strategy is a good one for credit profile building. Using a local bank it would be a £53k loan at 60% LTV (under a primary residence home loan),…
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Swansea Road – Vision

This property has a lot of potential and uplift possibilities. Our vision for it is to extend the house. This aligns with the demand in that area.

Invest 1 – Sad day

It has been a disappointing day today.  One of our first to commit major investors has had to temporarily pull the plug as their funds are caught up in administrative and bureaucratic nightmares in the US. 🙁 As an unfortunate as this is, it also provides an opportunity for us to send this deal off…
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Invest 1 – Deadline looms

We had some interested parties in the last 3 units of this JV, however we had to make a decision on how to proceed today. We had to give them deadline to get in by 9am UTC time, as we had a deadline to meet ourselves. A bit of pressure applied, which can help for…
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