The Bank Job – Building Update

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The Bank Job – Building Update

The bank job building update

[featured-img] In this video, I would walk you through the building to check the progress and improvements that has been made on The Bank Job.

On level 1:
Plumbing is about to be completed.
Upgrades for windows and flooring are coming along.
Council approval and building regulations update.

The Bank Job – Update

You can take a look to some pictures of the transformation realized to the property below:



Welcome to the bank job today is 13th of March Friday, the 13th lucky day. And we’re here, Checking the progress of the builders. Most of the builders are actually off at some wedding for the weekend. So they’re not here, except we’ve got plaster is still going hack, which is great, cause they’re a separate team. So I’m going to take you through the building to see what’s what progress has been made. And you can see some, some really interesting things that are, that are happening. So without further ado, let’s switch the camera so that I can see where I’m going and not be looking directly at you. And you can see what I’m looking at, which is a well and truly progressed site. You’ve got a much cleaner plant room. Now I’ve got the space for the boiler and the tank that’s going in here. 

This room here, you’ve got all the drainage. This is a room one level one is some good progress happening here. We’ve got first fix a plumbing is almost finished. If not finished. First fix electrics is almost done again down here. There’s a few little things that we’re checking up on. It’s actually a really good time to get in here and go thick, you know, ask questions. Like why is the light switch here? Uh, you know, things, things like that, which I think is relatively important. But uh, sometimes I miss, which is why June is going around right now, actually. And checking things like socket positions, uh, red positions and things like that. Move into room three. Now also thinking about now that the boards are up, you actually start to really get a sense of the switch cameras here. You get stopped to really get a sense of the space that you’re in. 


So I walk in here, you have a safe area. It’s a, it’s a bit of an odd shape, this one. So it’s got this, uh, this little area here where you might put a desk or maybe like a lady might, might put her, um, her dressing station or whatever they, you call them these days there. And then there’s sort of this, this other shake around here because of the quad shaped, uh, on suite here. So that kind of, you know, I’ll just switch cameras and you can sort of see a bit more kind of thing can really throw you as far as space is concerned. It’s 11 square metre room. It’s quite a large room in square metres, but the odd shape makes it, makes it interesting, uh, to figure out. So the other thing here is you’ve got this, uh, these beautiful wooden sash windows, which was trying to figure out, um, what to do with those. 

So, uh, we’re still working, working it out, but one thing that we’re definitely doing, cause we’ve raised the floor to fit the drainage underneath is we’re going to be putting , a bar here to stop people from, from falling through the window, basically. So that’s, that’s kind of what’s going on there. So I’ll just walk with you man here. So, so some of the updates, uh, some of the things that have changed you say, uh, you know, insulation, anything. I think that was there last time, but all the floor in here, this is all acoustic panelling, uh, fire protection, all that flooring has, has gone in that one was damned at this, all this green stuff here. Um, you also see all this stud work in here is all, has all gone up since we were here last and the building inspector actually asked us, uh, in the inspection just this week to insulate this, the ceiling, which wasn’t in the scope. 


So unfortunately, you know, we’re going to have to jump out of, uh, out of the budget and go into our contingency and, and insulate that, that roof. And hopefully we can do it in such a way that we don’t lose too much of the head height, you know, 2.3 metres, probably probably about there. So we’ve got about a hundred mil, which is, which is enough for, uh, for installation. So it shouldn’t, shouldn’t be a problem. Now take you up to level two and, uh, we’ll have a quick look up there. There’s a lot of progress up there. They’re actually, I know watching people, but with all these changes in the back gang. So just watch out as a bit noisy up here. So I won’t talk so much, but I’ll just do a quick two up. So this is the front door here. 

Come in. Not a lot of visual changes here because they’ve mostly finished. The, uh, the big changes are mostly sort of behind the walls. So you’ve got, you know, things like this little details like this that have gone in up here, you’ve got the first, this first fix of plumbing, and the sockets, you know, there’s still, still got some work to do on the sockets to get to finish that first fix, you know, putting those, um, I don’t know what they call the frames, I guess, for the socket to actually plug into. Uh, so yeah, yeah, not a lot of changes in this one, but you see foster is working away in here and I’ll show you that the result of the plaster and when they’re finished, it looks kind of like this, the skimming. I’m sure you’ve seen this before, but you haven’t skimmed the walls. So that’s the update for this week on the bank job. Okay. But this site is it hope you enjoyed. And uh, if you’ve got any questions about commercial conversions, about property, investment, things like that, you’d want to know, you know, how to deal with any kind of problems that come up contingency and et cetera. Oh, it’s to talk about it. Happy to share. So pop me a question in the comments and we’ll talk about it in there. Cheers.

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