The Bank Job – Live Project Update

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The Bank Job – Live Project Update

live project update

[featured-img] Welcome to The Bank Job this is a live project update here on site, I want to share with you all the work that has been done since my last update.

  • We got paintwork all finished
  • Security cameras also smoke alarms
  • Internet sockets installed
  • Windows reglazing, thermal and acoustic protection 
  • The bathrooms are mostly done

Live Project Update

You can take a look to some pictures of the transformation realized to the property below:


Welcome to the Bank Job. This is a live update here on site and I wanted to share with you all the work that’s been done since I last did an update. There’s quite a bit and so I’m going to start down here on the ground floor, basically, because there has been just so many changes starting from here. So, I’m going to start all the way down here. I’m going to just shift the camera and you can kind of see… Oh yes, so we’ve got paintwork all done. We’ve got security cameras in this area, which is excellent. Also all the final fittings going in of the smoke alarms and everything. We’ve got internet sockets installed in the comms cupboard; I don’t know if you can see that. It’s all happening out here as well. They’ve painted here, which is great. We’ve got carpet coming on Friday. I think it’ll be installed in here

We’ve got some work going on in here. As you can see, we’ve got some of our appliances coming, or arrived. Let’s see what’s going to this room. We’ve got some of our furniture has arrived. So much work has happened, I think since my last update. We’ve got secondary glazing, so we’ve got thermal protection from… Let’s just switch back here for a second. This will give us thermal protection as well as acoustic protection from outside. It’s going to increase the thermal performance of the rooms by a stack. Curtain rails are in, but we’re also going to be installing curtains, obviously, soon. Some of the features we’ve got here. Switching there. We’ve got our satin covers on the lights. The bathrooms et cetera are essentially all done. A few bits and bobs to instal, but mostly done and all working.

Still a few bits of furniture to come. Oh, gas guy’s coming. Hang on. Just take you in here quickly. Might have to finish this tour in a little bit. I’ve got to go deal with the gas guy. But you can see here again, beautifully finished. We’ve done some special… these filament looking LEDs with those nice light covers and everything. So essentially, it’s more of the same. I would love to show you the kitchens. I might do another update. Actually, I’ll just quickly go down. Skip the step where that has been set. So you see, we’ve got the flooring going in here in the kitchen, couple of bits and bobs. We’ve got a missing cupboard door, unfortunately. Chasing the kitchen company for that. Fridge is out of the way while we’re trying to get the flooring installed, but appliances all ready to go. So, essentially we’re all set to go.

Upstairs is a little bit further behind. There’s there’s more missing things from the kitchen, unfortunately. Kitchen company during COVID has managed to lose a lot of stuff or something, which is unfortunate, but that is your update from the Bank Job. I’ve got to go down and look after the gas guy, I think that’s long enough, anyway. If you have any questions, ask me in the comments below and happy to do a live Q and A, if you’re interested, just ask. Cheers.

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