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Walter Rd prop with "finding an agent"

We had the pleasure of meeting a letting agent who is achieving rents beyond our expectations for HMOs in Swansea and Port TalbotĀ and we decided to make them a part of our team. Hearing about the agent being an investor himself, how he disagrees with many letting agents on their methods and bedside manners with landlords and tenants, was very encouraging, especially for Craig who has operated like this for some time, while managing his properties for the past 15 years. This agent treats his clients and tenants as JV partners and seems to go the extra mile to earn his fee. His methods include: setting up a WhatsApp group for a HMO, so they catch any issues first and all the tenants are on the same page; Managing the cleaning and bin rota; quarterly inspections; advertising for tenants using targeted marketing methods; targeting ads at specific industry workers; doing…

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credit score bands

Progress! Our credit ratings today have shown a big improvement, and we have moved forward in the process of opening our many bank accounts. One small hoop left to jump through to get up another notch on the credit scale, and it won’t be long now until one of us are eligible for a mortgage. We’ve made a plan to meet our solicitor tomorrow and hear some inside news from a well respected solicitor in the Swansea area.