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Blodwen St Finding an Agent

Agent didn’t live up to their promise, so we are getting a new agent at the end of the short leash we gave the old agent. Strategy and Update.

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Blodwen St property with before written on the picture

Here are some photos of the state in which we received the property before we started work on it.

Swansea Rd Photo text: decision to invest

We had a flip appear today, and taking a look at it, it was almost an immediate yes before doing the numbers as the opportunity to add value was immense by doing some land development style title splitting, subject to planning of course. The basic numbers: Purchase: £80,000 Costs: £5,000 Refurb: £20,0000 Total Spend: £105,000 Walk score: 40 Car-Dependent This is a semi-detached house in a very car dependant area, so this doesn’t fit the Kevin Green criteria of near town centre as such. We typically wouldn’t go with a property with a walk score under 60 or even 70, however this one has land development potential as a bonus. As it stands, even without this potential development, the numbers work well, but it will be a fantastic one if we get the planning approval for the development.  A few road humps stand in the way, like the telegraph lines…

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credit score bands

Progress! Our credit ratings today have shown a big improvement, and we have moved forward in the process of opening our many bank accounts. One small hoop left to jump through to get up another notch on the credit scale, and it won’t be long now until one of us are eligible for a mortgage. We’ve made a plan to meet our solicitor tomorrow and hear some inside news from a well respected solicitor in the Swansea area.