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The things we do for breakfast!

We have started a new regime of time restricted eating (TRE) that is like intermittent fasting (IF) but focuses more on the eating window, instead of the fasting window.  The studies from the Salk Institute by Dr Satchin Panda are quite interesting, mainly focused on mice. The basic premise is based on our natural circadian rhythm ie that as soon as we eat our they have developed an app called My Circadian Rhythm for a massive human study, and Craig has joined the study and is tracking his eating window and food intake (ooh…! Look at that shiny new app!). So far the results suggest that keeping to a 9-10 hour eating window and fasting (only water) for the other 14-15 hours is best.  What is surprising is that most people don’t think they eat more than 12 hours a day, but in reality, if you start your day at…

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words "New Investor!" over a picture of gwendoline st with 2 inset properties

Bringing on a joint venture partner is a lot of work.  It is really rewarding and incredibly satisfying to build a new relationship with a relative stranger to the point of money exchanging hands.  The trust that you are taking on is a big responsibility, and we appreciate the trust that our investors have put into us to make a good return for them, but also to communicate and deliver, which we are doing. We are in the middle of the Invest 1 Venture, having purchased 2 of the properties, with a 3rd in the pipeline for this group, so overall it is late in the game to join this group. Earlier investors will be compensated according to their time invested with returns being time adjusted. Project update: We are awaiting a flood report on Gwendoline Street to determine if we can convert the rooms on the ground floor into…

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sad day

It has been a disappointing day today.  One of our first to commit major investors has had to temporarily pull the plug as their funds are caught up in administrative and bureaucratic nightmares in the US. 🙁 As an unfortunate as this is, it also provides an opportunity for us to send this deal off to some of our potential JV partners, giving them an option for an investment level that suits their budget. We split the £40k investment into 4 x £10k dropping the minimum investment level from £20k to £10k to meet the needs of a couple of investors we know of, and also raise the funds quickly as this delay is hurting the overall position at the moment. We have essentially personally bridged their £40k and cannot continue on one of our own projects until this is sorted out, and our funds into the other project are…

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SOLD! over a kitchen picture

Today we sold our Australian home!  Well, it was going to be our home. We purchased this property off the plan in 2014, and had planned to live in when Ethan finished primary school.  After we decided to move to the UK, we decided to sell it, and managed to do that before it completed construction.  This means that the settlement date of our sale is tied to the settlement with the developer, currently set for October this year.  This will enable us to complete the 2nd half of construction costs for Walter Rd ourselves, not involving an investor and therefore keeping all cash flow / profits for our UK venture.