Walter Road – Demolition days

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Walter Road – Demolition days

We decided to take on some demolition work to “get our hands dirty and feet wet”, as Jeffrey Lee would say. This will also reduce the build cost a little as we can dispose of large bulky waste for free at the local recycling centre, as Ma & Pa’s can but commercial operations cannot.  😀

We managed to save approximately 3 skips full of rubbish, and we also separated it all into various types of waste.  The aim is to reduce our footprint from the waste perspective and increase the profit margin before accounting for our time.

We have ripped out 3 of 4 walls that needed to be removed, all the carpet bar one room, wall paper, removed all the doors, and got rid of all the rubbish that was left on the property.

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Approximate savings on costs for the DIY demolition is about £2000-£3000, ie ~£1200 in skip fees and 2 labourers for 3-5 days (£600-£1000). Depending on the builder’s team, this would also reduce build time down from 2 – 3 months to 2 – 2.5 months.


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