Blodwen Street – Ordering a Bathroom

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Blodwen Street – Ordering a Bathroom

Blodwen St Bathroom

[featured-img]Figuring out how to add a bathroom into a tiny boiler room was interesting.  Craig ordered the quadrant shower enclosure a little hastily as it was £25 (down from £300) and unfortunately got the 900×1400 instead of the 900×900 enclosure – whoops.  Luckily we will use that enclosure at Gwendoline St, so no loss. (Pictures below show what a quadrant shower is.)

Quadrant Shower from

We also discovered that we actually can’t fit a 900×900 base in the space we have.  We would be better off fitting something 750 wide in order not to move the boiler, hence saving a lump of cash there.

Given that, we worked with the builder and the helpful people at to find a base and enclosure that is big enough to feel roomy, and to fit the space we have (didn’t want a 750 quadrant).  We now have a 760×1000 base and enclosure with the door on the 760 side, so we can make it a bigger shower.

1000 x 760 Shower enclosure from

Floors and Walls

We prefer tiles over PVC wall panels for environment and health reasons. For cost reasons we can see why people do it, as with our decision for vinyl flooring below.

bathroom wall tile for shower Blodwen St BCT54108

We have chosen to go with Laminate for the kitchen and bathroom floors.  This is due to the local area having a price ceiling.  We would prefer natural products, but sometimes a business decision must be made.  We went with Columbia Popayan Ash Vinyl.

Blodwen Bathroom and kitchen floor vinyl

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We had a quote from local bathroom company NPS for this one as well, it came in quite a bit more when you consider the extra base and shower enclosure we have.

Total spend on the bathroom materials is a little over £700 with 2 x delivery charges thanks to LNPG membership.  This will make the total costs of the bathroom less than £1500.  This is well under the budget of £2000 which initially included moving the boiler to fit the shower in.  

The overall budget is well on track for this one.

Out of interest what we ordered order_1 and order_2



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