Craig launches coaching

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Craig launches coaching

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Sorry we have been a little quiet these last couple of months, will do a couple of back dated updates, but we have been held up by a legal battle, which we are now prepared to write about, look out for that in the coming week or two, for now coaching.

During this time, Craig has launched a coaching business.  Looking to share a filtered tried and tested set of advice. 

This has worked for Craig in:

  • increasing productivity
  • creating an abundance mindset
  • losing over 10kg; and even
  • running a Marathon.  

He is helping men in their pre midlife set goals, check happiness, figure out values and direction, love their partners and be great attentive parents. Craig is constantly working on this himself.  He might be just a couple of bus stops ahead of his clients in one or two areas, maybe 10 stops ahead in others.   

Craig running the Paris Marathon

21 day challenge for coaching clients

He launched the business by doing a 21 day Challenge to share something useful in a 2-3 minute video every weekday for 21 days.  This got a great response, and went out to 30 days.  Now planning to create some useful tip 2-3 times a week reflecting on the latest book or PD that he is studying or implementing. It covers the 3 main walks of life: Health, Wealth and Wisdom.  If you are interested, you can sign up to do the 21 day challenge with him, and he will email you at your chosen time of day a reminder to go read the blog or watch the video.

Continuous personal development is the key to any new business and the property game too.   Do a 21 day challenge it is a great method for getting started on PD.  Maybe you just want to set a habit.  The first 21 days of a new habit are the hardest, fitting something new into your regular schedule. Once you have done it for 21 days, you have it ingrained in your schedule.  Then it will feel unusual not to do it, a great place to be.

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Jun and Craig are the principals of JC Holdings, they are on an adventure in the UK and sharing their experience via this blog for education and transparency. More details about them on the about page here About us

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