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Walter Road – Finding funds

Walter Road was not within our original plan for Invest 1 in the first 6 months, but we decided to take it on because we had a keen investor who was interested in a bigger project, so we created Invest 2. [s2If !is_user_logged_in()] Below here is some more info for people we know and trust.…
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Gwendoline Street – Completion

We had word from the solicitor today –  we have completed* our first property purchase in the UK! *For non-UK readers, completion here means we have paid the full purchase price and the Title will now be registered in our name. 

Swansea Road – Decision to invest

We had a flip appear today, and taking a look at it, it was almost an immediate yes before doing the numbers as the opportunity to add value was immense by doing some land development style title splitting, subject to planning of course. The basic numbers: Purchase: £80,000 Costs: £5,000 Refurb: £20,0000 Total Spend: £105,000…
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Swansea SA5 Area analysis

The Swansea area has a lot going for it, and the SA5 district is a historically great area, with medium to high prices (comparing with other South Wales areas) and is quite a sought after area based on demand and the below area ratings on Zoopla. The locals tend to own their own homes with…
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Walter Road: Project update

Paperwork is underway and solicitors are figuring out what they require, doing searches etc. Exchange will probably happen within 4 weeks. We met with a local student let specialist who confirmed that the higher end student market would enjoy this location, along with the young professionals. If we can get planning approval for the rooms…
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Gwendoline Street: Project update

Just a quick project update today, the tenant is still in the property, however the contracts are ready to be finalised as soon as the tenant leaves. Funds are in place and ready to go for this purchase quickly.

Walter Road – Vision

This property came with planning permission for a 7 room HMO. After agreeing to take the deal, we could see that more value can be added STPA of course, with at least 1 extra room and possibly 2 depending on approval and budget. Original Plan The planning came with 7 rooms with ensuites. This however…
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Walter Road – Decision to invest

This property came from PSW, and receiving their email with the summary document started the process of deciding if it was a good investment, what the strategy would be, if the suggested strategy paid off or not etc. The basics: Purchase: £135,900 Other costs: £5,000 Refurb: £60,000 Total Spend: £200,900 Investor subscribers can see the…
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