Walter Road – Finding a builder

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Walter Road – Finding a builder

Our project manager Geraint Jones is confident that the builder he found has the right level of professionalism and team to do this larger project. A little more expensive to deliver, however the job should be done faster, when time is money, this is super important.

The numbers:
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Although the builder cannot start for 6-8 weeks, he has a large professional team and will get the job completed in 2-3 months instead of 4-5 months with a builder who is a little cheaper and can start straight away. When the bridge costs £1080 a month to service, this is super important. Definitely finishing in 4 months instead of maybe 5 means the savings in the bridge, and also reduces the risk of paying a default on the bridge, that is a fee of 3%.

We have to have the property fully tenanted before we can apply for a mortgage and repay the bridging loan.

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