Walter Rd – Mid Construction

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Walter Rd – Mid Construction

Walter Rd photo with mid construction written across it We’ve received a mid-construction report from the Project Manager on this one, which is great!  As you can see from the photos below, there’s been some real progress with frames built, and the walls and floors are really looking different from the state we left it in.

Bed 2 Walter Rd Mid construction Bed 3 Walter Rd mid Construction Bed 4 Walter Rd mid construction Doorways level 1 Walter Rd mid construction Sitting area Walter Rd Mid construction

Work completed so far:

  • Rip out
  • Frame works
  • Electricals started

Work to go:

  • Build bathrooms
  • Water main upgrade
  • Electrical meter upgrade
  • Installation of sprinklers
  • Install kitchen
  • Plastering
  • Paint and decorate

There is quite a bit of work to go really, but it should move swiftly from here on (we hope!).  All the framework is there so more contractors can be working on the construction at one time.   Sadly we are still waiting for the schedule of works and the agreed milestones from the PM so we can follow along.

We thought we would take this opportunity to share our learnings from this project, and what we would now look for in a project manager and builder, and other lessons we have learnt with our followers below.

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