Walter Rd – Nearing end of Construction

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Walter Rd – Nearing end of Construction

Walter Rd construction ends

[featured-img]The project is starting to take shape now as we reach the end of construction. The kitchen now mostly installed, the bathrooms are only lacking tiling and floors. The whole place is ready for painting and then second fix electrics and plumbing to sweep through.  Our last video update from our builder shows a nearly finished place. It is very exciting as we organise the last bits and bobs. Get the furniture and electrical goods organised so the shell will be liveable very soon.

As the developer, our list of things to do starts to get longer now.  We have services like internet to connect, upgrading the meter to handle the upgraded electricity supply and organising tenants. The aim is to start viewings in ten days, ready for licensing and and the occupancy permit by the first week of December. We have also begun the process of refinancing, however this will take some time. The usual 4-6 weeks will be extended with the Christmas break in the middle, and banks and solicitors slow down for a bit. The fun part of dressing the property, making the kitchen a place that people want to go and cook in, is also a key part of this strategy.

Here is a great fun time lapse video of the guys reboarding the ceiling in one of the rooms (as the previous builder only put 1 layer up, below the Building Reg’s spec). End of construction not far away now.


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The budget is looking like we are going over by a few thousand pounds at this stage. Quite a few extra bits that came up along the way. Chimney upgrade, wall structural ties (luckily only 1500 instead of 5000 which was a possibility if the wall had to be replaced.)

We are going to shift to leasing the furniture instead of an outright purchase  we are likely to go back to investors for the extra funds needed to finish it off, depending on how much that ends up being. It is going to be close.


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