Gwendonline St – Planning approved

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Gwendonline St – Planning approved

Gwendoline St building with Planning written over it

We are thrilled we received word from the Neath Port Talbot council today, they approved our planning application to change the property from C3 residential to C4 House of Multiple Occupants for up to four people. Yay!

There was a proviso of no accommodations on the ground floor, as per the flood consequences report, which is unfortunate, as we have a room on the ground floor that we considered asking to make an extra bedroom. However, we will look at options for this in the future now.  Landlord storage, or use by us as an office, other options are out there too, we will see, being creative with space is the fun of this game.

We have one quote from a builder to build to the spec that we want and waiting for another.  The quote was pretty light on detail, although it does say we can ask for more details, which we have done, as it was also a lot cheaper than we expected or budgeted for, which could be a good thing, or just mean that the quote does not cover many requirements.

Below here for JV Partners is a link to the planning decision and the quote from the builder.

Below here is some more info for people we know and trust.  Check out how to read it here.

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