Gwendoline Street – Construction Starts

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Gwendoline Street – Construction Starts

Gwedoline Street Construction Starts

[featured-img]We have finally started construction on the first stage of the renovation for Gwendoline Street HMO, the rip out.  Our chosen builder has been great so far in keeping us informed. We like being up to date on happenings on site in the first week.

The first thing is that the dry rot will need to be treated. The recommendation is to rip out the floors and replace a couple of lintels (the bit over the windows).

The builder has organised to get several opinions on the floors, which is great as we have found on different topics that they can differ rather significantly. We attended site during one of the visits from a damp proofing expert who showed us all the issues we needed to fix in this property, which was more than we anticipated.


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